IMCF – Indo Middle East Cultural Forum

Donation methods and instructions

The Indo-Middle East Cultural Forum provides diverse donation options for individuals and organizations eager to contribute to its cultural enrichment and community development initiatives. Whether through one-time donations, monthly commitments, project-specific contributions, corporate sponsorships, in-kind donations, or legacy giving, supporters can choose avenues that resonate with their preferences. The forum maintains a secure online donation platform, ensuring transparent transactions, and expresses gratitude to donors with acknowledgments, often including recognition in various forums and events. Regular updates highlight the tangible impact of contributions, emphasizing how each donation enhances cultural exchange and community development. The forum deeply values and appreciates the crucial role played by donors in realizing its mission of fostering cultural understanding and collaboration between India and the Middle East.

                                                           Account Details

Account Number : 7643525971
Account Type : Current Account
Name of the Account Holder : INDO MIDDLE EAST CULTURAL FORUM
Name of the bank : Indian bank
Branch : Jamia Millia Islamia , New Delhi
IFSC Code : IDIB000J029
MICR Code : 110019041

Sponsorship details

The Indo-Middle East Cultural Forum (IMCF) extends a warm invitation to businesses and organizations to collaborate through sponsorship, championing cultural exchange and community development initiatives. Offering a tiered sponsorship structure, ranging from Platinum to Bronze, sponsors enjoy tailored benefits such as logo visibility, recognition at events, and media coverage. IMCF also provides customizable packages, allowing sponsors to align their contributions with specific preferences. Benefits include heightened brand visibility, exclusive networking opportunities, and a chance to showcase corporate social responsibility. Interested parties can explore sponsorship possibilities by contacting the dedicated coordinator via email or through the inquiry form on the official website. Sponsoring IMCF not only aligns businesses with a vibrant cultural platform but also contributes to fostering understanding and collaboration between India and the Middle East, offering a unique opportunity for exposure and recognition in the process. Join us in driving impactful cultural exchange and community development through sponsorship with IMCF.