IMCF – Indo Middle East Cultural Forum



Our Vision is to foster a vibrant and harmonious cultural exchange between India and Middle East, transcending geographical boundaries and nurturing a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of traditions, arts, and heritage that define both regions. We aspire to create a cultural bridge that promotes mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration, contributing to a world where people from India and the Middle East celebrate and learn from each other’s unique cultural tapestries.


Our Mission is to be a catalyst for cultural dialogue, collaboration, and exchange between India and Middle East, with a focus on promoting inclusivity, creativity, and shared understanding. We are committed to:

  1. Cultural Exchange program: Facilitating dynamic and immersive cultural exchange programs that showcase the artistic, historical, and social facets of both India and Middle East.
  2. Collaborative Socio- Economic Initiatives: Encouraging collaborative projects that involve entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, scholars, and cultural and development practitioners from both regions, fostering a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives.
  3. Educational Outreach: Providing educational initiatives aimed at promoting awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the cultural richness of India and the Middle East, especially among younger generations.
  4. Cultural heritage Preservation: Actively participating in the preservation and documentation of traditional arts, crafts, and heritage, ensuring that the cultural legacies of both India and Middle East are cherished and sustained.
  5. Community Engagement: Creating platforms for people from India and the Middle East to come together, share experiences, and build enduring connections, fostering a sense of global citizenship and friendship.
  6. Promotion of Diversity: Celebrating the diverse cultural landscapes of both regions, acknowledging and embracing the differences that make each community unique, while also highlighting the shared values that bind us together. Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to a world where the cultural heritage of India and the Middle East is not only preserved but also serves as a source of inspiration, collaboration, and unity for generations to come.