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India and the Middle East have a rich history of cultural exchange and shared heritage, dating back to ancient times. The connections between these regions have been deeply rooted in traditions of trade, immigration, and mutual influence. Over the centuries, the Silk Road, maritime routes, and historical linkages have facilitated a continuous flow of cultural exchange, fostering a deep bond between the people of India and the Middle East. While diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations have flourished, there remains untapped potential for further growth and collaboration. The cultural agreement signed between India and the UAE in 1975 is a testament to the commitment to strengthening bilateral cultural activities. This historical foundation provides a solid platform for fostering a vibrant and harmonious cultural exchange between India and the Middle East, transcending geographical boundaries and nurturing a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of traditions, arts, and heritage that define both regions.

Indo Middle East Cultural Forum (IMCF) is a registered body that is dedicated to the promotion, support, and collaboration of culture, arts, education, economic and traditions ties within India and Middle East. IMCF plays a key role in fostering a sense of identity, community engagement, and shared people to people values. Whether at the local, national, or international level, IMCF contributes significantly to the enrichment of society by supporting various forms of creative expression, education, and intercultural understanding.


  1. To develop, Establish, promote, facilitate, promotion, improvement of educational, social, cultural, economic, and medical relief to the deprived and downtrodden and advancement of any other charitable and developmental objects of general public utility and community welfare.
  2. To promote commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of the environment or any such other object.


Our Vision is to foster a vibrant and harmonious cultural exchange between India and Middle East, transcending geographical boundaries and nurturing a deep appreciation for the rich diversity of traditions, arts, and heritage that define both regions. We aspire to create a cultural bridge that promotes mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration, contributing to a world where people from India and the Middle East celebrate and learn from each other’s unique cultural tapestries.


Our Mission is to be a catalyst for cultural dialogue, collaboration, and exchange between India and Middle East, with a focus on promoting inclusivity, creativity, and shared understanding. We are committed to:

  1. Cultural Exchange program: Facilitating dynamic and immersive cultural exchange programs that showcase the artistic, historical, and social facets of both India and Middle East.
  2. Collaborative Socio- Economic Initiatives: Encouraging collaborative projects that involve entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, scholars, and cultural and development practitioners from both regions, fostering a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives.
  3. Educational Outreach: Providing educational initiatives aimed at promoting awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the cultural richness of India and the Middle East, especially among younger generations.
  4. Cultural heritage Preservation: Actively participating in the preservation and documentation of traditional arts, crafts, and heritage, ensuring that the cultural legacies of both India and Middle East are cherished and sustained.
  5. Community Engagement: Creating platforms for people from India and the Middle East to come together, share experiences, and build enduring connections, fostering a sense of global citizenship and friendship.
  6. Promotion of Diversity: Celebrating the diverse cultural landscapes of both regions, acknowledging and embracing the differences that make each community unique, while also highlighting the shared values that bind us together. Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to a world where the cultural heritage of India and the Middle East is not only preserved but also serves as a source of inspiration, collaboration, and unity for generations to come.


In the vibrant cultural landscape of New Delhi, India, Indo Middle East emerged in July 20, 2014 with a visionary commitment to bridge the cultural gaps between India and the Middle East. Recognizing the deep historical ties, shared values, and the potential for mutual enrichment, a group of passionate individuals came together to establish a platform that would serve as a catalyst for cultural exchange.

Founding Years

In the early years, Indo- Middle East Cultural Forum focused on laying the foundation for meaningful cultural dialogue. Initial efforts involved building partnerships with cultural institutions, Diplomatic missions, artists, and influencers in both India and the Middle East. The founders, driven by a shared passion for cultural diplomacy, worked diligently to create a network that would facilitate artistic collaboration and understanding.

Inaugural Events and Programs

The IMCF gained momentum with the successful execution of inaugural cultural events and programs. These initiatives showcased the rich tapestry of traditions, arts, and heritage from India and the Middle East. From art exhibitions and cultural and foods festivals, artistic performances to academic symposiums, each event aimed to foster a genuine appreciation for the diverse cultural expressions of the two regions.

Growing Partnerships

Amid global challenges, the organization adapted to the changing landscape, leveraging digital platforms to continue its mission. Collaborations with governmental and non-governmental entities, as well as cultural organizations, expanded, enhancing the reach and impact of our initiatives. Virtual exhibitions, webinars, and online workshops became integral components of our efforts to connect people across borders.

Addressing Contemporary Challenges

As the organization enters its second decade, it remains committed to addressing contemporary challenges through cultural diplomacy. With a keen awareness of the evolving socio-political and economic landscape, our programs are designed to foster inclusivity, resilience, and understanding. Initiatives now encompass themes such as sustainable cultural practices, social justice, economic and sustainable development, climate change through art, and the role of cultural heritage in building resilient communities.

Current Cultural Landscape

IMCF, headquartered in New Delhi, has become a hub for those passionate about fostering connections between India and the Middle East. The organization continues to evolve, guided by a commitment to promoting unity through cultural diversity. With a growing community of supporters, collaborators, and participants, we envision a future where the shared cultural wealth of India and the Middle East contributes to a more interconnected and harmonious global society.


Anzarul Bari

Executive Director

Anzarul Bari is an accomplished cultural leader experienced in journalism and cultural diplomacy, with a post-graduate degree in mass media and journalism from JMI New Delhi. They possess extensive leadership experience in cultural organizations, having held key positions and showcasing visionary leadership.

Muzaffar Ali

Deputy Director (Cultural Sustainability and Community Development)

Muzaffar Ali, an accomplished architect, academician, and development practitioner, holds a Doctorate and Master’s degree in Architecture. His expertise encompasses interdisciplinary cultural study, architecture, and sustainable community development.

Mr. Irfan Ahmed

Community Engagement Expert (Communications and outreach)

Mr. Irfan Ahmed, a highly skilled professional, holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology from CSM Kanpur University, complemented by specialized qualifications in Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration/Management (PGDHM) 

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